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The Ethstat Tree Pen
The Ethstat Tree Pen (Pack of 10)
The Ethstat Tree Pen (Pack of 100)
The Ethstat Tree Pen - With Wildflower Seeds
The Ethstat Tree Pen - With Wildflower Seeds (Pack of 10)
The Ethstat Tree Pen - With Wildflower Seeds (Pack of 100)
The Ethical Hamper
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All About Our Tree Pen 🖋

Our Ethical Pen is made in Europe from bio-cornstarch and recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable, and once you’ve used it, you can plant it and grow a range of plants depending on the seeds within the pen, AND you can save up to one tonne of CO2 for every pen you use.

ETHWILDF1 is our wildflower seed pen and ETHTREE1 is our Scots Pine tree pen.

With our pens, all you must do is soak the pen itself for 24 hours (to help start the biodegradation of the pen), and then plant this in a pot with a minimum of 10cm soil.

We recommend keeping these inside during the colder months (and until they have sprouted) of which they then can be moved outside and replanted 😊

During said colder months, these don't need quite as much water, but once it does get a bit warmer, we recommend watering when the soil is dry on top (if you stick your finger in roughly around 3-5mm and it feels dry, this is the best indicator!)

We start at a MOQ of 1000 for our branded tree pens, which can be branded in 1 colour, 2 colour and 3 colour.

Seed-wise, we can substitute the default Tree Pen with herbs/vegetables or wildflower seeds, so please do let us know which you’d prefer!

We require your logo in high-resolution vector format (specifically .eps/.ai format) and our print area is on the barrel (6.3cm x 1cm).

Orders of over 1000 can be branded on the sleeves in 1 colour to match your company logo. Orders of over 3000 can be Pantone matched on the cap and the tip to match your company’s brand colours.

Please send an email to team@ethstat.com with your Company Name, the quantity you are looking for, your Company logo and if you have any ETAs you need to meet, and we’ll get back in contact with you as soon as possible! Happy planting 🌳🌺🐝