11908WC 11908WC https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/fusion/l/fus_487172.jpg 3.5g Burn Stop Single Dose Sachet PK25 Single dose sachet. Safety & Security#First Aid Burn Stop 14.96 GBP

    3.5g Burn Stop Single Dose Sachet PK25



    Inc. VAT £17.95

    • Cools the burn and soothes pain
    • Gel soaked burn dressings
    • Pre-cooling not required (as per BS 8599 standard)
    • Helps prevent contamination
    • Suitable for treating superficial and partial thickness burns



    Inc. VAT £17.95

Single dose sachet.

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Code 11908WC
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Brand Burn Stop
Type Burn Dressing